Microsoft announced that they were in the process of acquiring Swiftkey earlier this month, which they have reportedly paid $250 million to do.

In that report, it was also claimed that both Jon Reynolds and Ben Medlock, the founders of Swiftkey would make at least $30 million from the deal.

Currently, SwiftKey has 150 employees that work from London, San Francisco, and Seoul, and the app has been installed on over 300 million iOS and Android devices.

it is said that Microsoft will use this to integrate features into its Word Flow keyboard for Windows 10 Mobile, whilst keeping the apps running on both iOS and Android.

As of today, this deal has been completed, as was revealed by Microsoft’s Executive Vice President for Technology and Research on Twitter.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed the terms of the deal yet, but if we hear more we will let you know.

Source: Harry Shum (Twitter)

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