Microsoft has this week announced that they have completely overhauled the Bing for iOS application to allow for faster searching and better ease of use, allowing you to discover stories faster.

Now available to download from the Apple App Store, the new update includes a range of new features, here are just a few of them:

– Near Me highlights interesting business and locations close to you.
– Restaurants does what you expect, allowing you to see information on ratings, menus and deals while also letting you order delivery or set up reservations.
– Movies surfaces interesting new additions on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other services, and you can also sort it by genre.
– Images and Videos shows off trending people or animal searches (AKA cute cats and puppies), as well as music videos and other viral content.
– Music lets you listen to songs and watch videos, and even follow along with lyrics for some homemade karaoke.
– Books points out interesting new titles and classics, as well as the different e-book sources to read them.
– People helps you do quick research on important figures including bios and images.

Microsoft explains more:

We designed the app to bring together the information you need, connected to the apps you trust, to help you “find” and “do” faster and easier than ever before.

Mobile search is different from search on a PC. With mobile, we want instant answers and the ability to take immediate action. We want to book it, buy it, watch it now. We want to touch more and type less. We want to search once in a single app. The new Bing app for iPhone helps you search and take action from one place so you can focus on the things that you want to find and do, rather than where and how to accomplish them. Here are a few examples.

Source: BBlog

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