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If you purchase a new Windows 7 PC between June 2nd and February 28th, Microsoft has confirmed this morning that you will be able to upgrade it to Windows 8 for £14.99 or as we already know $14.99 in the US upon launch date.

This deal is actually pretty a lot like the one Apple announced at the release of Lion, and will likely increase the amount of people purchasing a PC between those dates.

On the date Windows 8 is launched those who took advantage of this deal will receive a promotional code for Windows 8 Pro along with instructions on how you can update to the new OS, alongside all of that you will also get 90 days of Microsoft technical support.

Any PC running Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate between June 2, 2012, and February 28, 2013 and register it at www.windowsupgradeoffer.com.

[via TechRadar]

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