Microsoft has today announced the next stand of its plans to lay off 18,000 of its 125,000 employees around the world by July 2015, revealing the loss or 2,100 jobs today.

This adds to the first wave of cuts which kicked of in July, which seen the loss of 13,000 employees.

According to ZDNet this new 2,100 layoff will affect a number of Microsoft teams and divisions, with 747 of those being laid off in the Washington state, and the rest being cut from other Microsoft locations around the world.

By the time Microsoft has reached the 18,000 mark, this restructuring will become the largest in Microsoft’s history, with the current largest standing at 5,000, from the restructuring in 2009.

There are reasons for this massive reduction, with two thirds of the number coming from the workers that Microsoft inherited from the Nokia phones and services division buyout in April, with the rest coming from a number of teams throughout Microsoft.

All in all, the scheme will cost Microsoft up to $1.6 billion in severance costs and other charges.

In order to get there own story across, a Microsoft spokesperson sent TechRadar the following statement about the layoff.

“As we announced July 17, Microsoft is reducing our overall workforce by approximately 18,000 positions over the course of the year, with about 13,000 reductions initiated in July. We’ve taken another step in that process today, with the elimination of about 2,100 jobs which are part of the overall 18,000 number announced in July.”

“The reductions happening today are spread across many different business units, and many different countries. We will continue to go through this process in the most thoughtful manner possible, with the deepest respect for affected individuals and recognition of their service to the company. We will offer severance to all affected employees.”

You can find out more about the story at the source links below.

Sources: ZDnet, TechRadar

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