I wonder how long it will be until someone comes up with a meme of Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer facepalming, as today’s news includes a story that Microsoft will not be happy about.

As you may already know copies of Windows 8 were leaked online back in August, a couple of months before the OS’s official release during which time in order to get around Microsoft’s activation software, ‘pirates’ would have to use third-party Key Management Services to crack their copy for 180 days, after which it would need to be activated again.

Well it seems that the newest workaround is to simply download a free key from Microsoft.

Microsoft has been giving away codes for Windows 8 Media Center Upgrades to Windows 8 Pro users since a short time after the OSs launch and until January 31st, the thing that Microsoft didn’t discover is that by using this ‘pirates’ can download a full and official copy of Windows 8 without putting any money down whatsoever.

Which is obviously a problem, one that might see Microsoft losing a fair bit of money.

Via: The Verge

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