After announcing the news earlier last month, Microsoft has today announced that they have secured regulatory approval for their $26 billion acquisition of Linkedin.

The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella confirmed this in a LinkedIn note that he posted this week, in which he said the following:

Today is an exciting day, one I’ve been looking forward to since June. It marks the close of the agreement for Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn and the beginning of our journey to bring together the world’s leading professional cloud and the world’s leading professional network.

As our two companies’ leadership teams have spent time together these last few months, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of and appreciation for LinkedIn’s relentless focus on its members.

Today I am even more enthusiastic about the common mission and sense of purpose we share, the similarities in our cultures, and the added value we can create for LinkedIn members, to help professionals transform how they work, realize new career opportunities and connect in new ways.

He also revealed Microsoft’s goals and plans for the company,  which he set out as the following:

  • LinkedIn identity and network in Microsoft Outlook and the Office suite

  • LinkedIn notifications within the Windows action center

  • Enabling members drafting résumés in Word to update their profiles, and discover and apply to jobs on LinkedIn

  • Extending the reach of Sponsored Content across Microsoft properties

  • Enterprise LinkedIn Lookup powered by Active Directory and Office 365

  • LinkedIn Learning available across the Office 365 and Windows ecosystem

  • Developing a business news desk across our content ecosystem and

  • Redefining social selling through the combination of Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365

Over time, we should here more about Microsoft’s integrations with the Linkedin service, which is definitely going to expand as the social network integrates itself further into Microsoft.

As we hear more we will let you know.

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