As has been rumoured for quite some time now and even hinted at regularly by Microsoft themselves, there’s a brand new Xbox coming and it is a bit of a beast.

Nicknamed Project Scorpio, this new Xbox is set to change how console gaming works for good with extreme performance and upgradability that totally changes how the genre of gaming has worked in the past.

The reason that people have got so excited about this console is that it has been repeatedly been pushed as the future with 4K resolution and a chip that will provide extreme graphical power.

We used to know it as Project Scorpio, however, one of the first things that Microsoft confirmed is the name of the console, which will actually be the Xbox One X. But there was more, they even revealed a release date for this console, which they confirmed to be November 7th this year.

It has been dubbed the “world’s most powerful console”, featuring the capability of producing True 4K visuals with up to 8 million pixels, HDR, 4K UHD Blu-ray playback and a wide colour gamut output.

However, despite that huge change, all of your current Xbox One accessories and games will work on the Xbox One X, and they will even work better according to Microsoft and with something called Supersampling, Microsoft will even make things look good on even 1080p displays.

Microsoft used 16nm technology to build the X’s processor, which they are cooling with a Liquid-cooled vapour chamber that you will normally only find on PCs. It also comes with an optimised power management system, all of which helps to deliver impressive specifications with a 6 TFlop GPU, 12GB GDDR5 memory, and a 326GB/s memory bandwidth.

And with all of that, Microsoft even stated that it will be the smallest Xbox ever, we have no clue how they did that.

The Xbox One S will be released on November 7, 2017 for $499/£449, you can pre-order it from a number of retailers today.

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