Microsoft will be hosting an event in New York City tomorrow (May 2nd) at 9:30AM ET / 6:30AM PT / 1:30PM GMT, which is when they are expected to unveil some new stuff with a focus on education, specifically devices and software that is expected to compete with Google’s Chromebooks.

Here’s what you can expect from this event:

A competitor to the Google Chromebook.

It is expected that Microsoft will unveil a brand new device that has been designed to compete with the Chromebook tomorrow. Some rumours have suggested this device will be a Surface Pro 5, however, other rumours have suggested that this might be an entirely new device.

To top this off, rumours have suggested that there will be a Surface Book 2 that will feature a clamshell design.

But with this new Chromebook competitor there is going to have to be a new version of Windows in order to offer a similar experience, and so it is also expected that there will be a new version of Windows 10 unveiled during the show.

A new Windows 10 version.

It has been reported that this new version of Windows 10 will be called Windows 10 Cloud, which was leaked in a document that suggests that it will only support apps that have been download from the Windows Store and nothing else.

However, it has also been reported that this version could be called Windows 10 S.

Whatever the name, it is expected that this new version will have a focus on battery life, easy use and a focus on education.

We would also expect it to have a fast boot time, with little to no settings to configure.

A new focus on Education.

With this new version of Window and the new Chromebook Competitor, it is expected that Microsoft will use this new event to unveil their new focus on education, which was previously hinted at by Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore in an interview with Mashable and is also our main reason for expecting an education focus during the event.

This will include new information about how Microsoft expects its software to be used by students and how they hope to change how their devices and software is used around the world.

A new version of Office.

One of the biggest applications from Microsoft is Office, it has been used by students for years now and so we are sure that this event will have a big focus on Office, and possibly a new version.

Because of the reported Microsoft Store-only compatibility with that new version of Windows 10 that we mentioned earlier, we expect that this new version of Office will be released on the Windows Store.

Other new applications and hardware.

With a focus on education, we don’t expect Microsoft to only focus on students but also on their teachers and so we would bet on a few new applications that have been designed to help teachers teach.

One way that Microsoft could do this is with the introduction of new whiteboard technology, or possibly even a new whiteboard product from Microsoft, this could possibly be a new way of using the Surface Hub.

To top this off, we would also expect to see some stuff about Microsoft’s other apps including Paint, Minecraft, OneNote and Outlook, as well as some of their cloud services.

The official stuff.

Of course, we have nothing official about anything that we have mentioned in this article just yet, however, with Microsoft’s event tomorrow, we will have all of that official stuff for you tomorrow.

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