Microsoft started testing out an Android launcher called Arrow earlier this year and now it is ready for the public to use, available to download from Google Play it aims to help you keep Android more organised.

Featuring a homescreen that can be organised for the user themselves by which applications they use most, these apps can’t be moved around or be placed into folders as the launcher will do all this automatically, however there is a dock that can be customised.

You can slide up from the bottom of your screen to access this dock, folders and shortcuts.

There’s also a dedicated page for widgets, within which you can add as many widgets as you want, allowing you to access a range of different widgets without having to separate them between pages, just scroll up to see them.

You will also find a recent page that shows a vertical list that shows your latest documents, photos, app installs and phone calls in one place.

It’s definitely a different take on Android and definitely worth a try, take a look at the source link below.

Source: Google Play Store

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