Shortly after the court’s decision to favour the BSkyB in a case for the name SkyDrive, Microsoft has been forced to relaunch their storage service with a new name, which is now OneDrive.

However they didn’t just change the name and logo, they have also added some new features across all of its platforms.

One of those new features is a new OneDrive application for Android, allowing Android smartphone and tablet users to manage their storage much like the iOS and Windows Phone 8 versions, as well as automatically upload photos to the service.

OneDrive also adds the ability to collaborate on documents stored in the cloud in real-time, and from any device, with each team member tagged to their collaborations.

Video uploads are also more sharable, with on the fly video transcoding, users can upload videos to their OneDrive storage and easily share it with friends and family members, allowing users to stream video in different versions depending on their bandwidth and type of connection.

OneDrive will instantly offer 7GB of storage space for free, with an extra 3GB of space made available when the user enables their smartphone to automatically upload photos, as well as earn up to 3.5GB of space from referring friends.

Space can also be increased to 50GB for £16 a year, 100GB for £32 a year and 200GB for £64 a year.

And to celebrate the launch, Microsoft are also giving 100,000 100GB of storage for free, all users have to do is answer clues on  the OneDrive blog, Facebook and Twitter pages and then the first 100,000 to sign up will get the space.

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