According to a recent report that was posted earlier today, Microsoft may soon be bringing their virtual assistant Cortana to other platforms.

The report comes from Reuters, who are claiming that Microsoft is working on a standalone version of the Cortana voice assistant specifically designed for download on the iPhone, iPad and Android based smartphones and tablets.

“Microsoft is working on an advanced version of its competitor to Apple’s Siri, using research from an artificial intelligence project called “Einstein.”” Reuters explained.

This links to previous announcements that Microsoft has made, revealing that they do plan to launch Cortana outside of Windows Phone, and is set to hit Windows 10 later this year.

However as of yet Cortana is only available on the Windows Phone Platform, where it helps to organise data for its user, and help with questions.

What makes Cortana especically interesting however is that it goes a little further than Google Now and Siri, allowing for integration like telling its user when to leave for the airport just by reading an email, after which it can find the flight status and even check traffic conditions.

Basically Cortana always knows where the user is, what they are doing and what they need to do in the future.

If Microsoft do bring the voice assistant elsewhere they will be directly targeting Apple’s and Google’s digital assistants, so it should be interesting if true.

Ad of yet however nothing has been confirmed, but as soon as we do find out more information from Microsoft we will let you know.

In the meantime you can find that Reuters report at the source link below.

Source: Reuters

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