According to a number of recent rumours Microsoft are working on a new version of Office for Windows, to be codenamed Office 16. These rumours have today developed with some recently leaked screenshots from the tech website The Verge.

The site claims that Microsoft is currently privately testing an Office Technical Preview of the new version of Office 16, and has even distributed a number of copies to partners and testers, and according to the website they have got there hands on one of these copies.

The website claims that one of the biggest new features is a new black theme, which won’t be the default theme for the software, but will reportedly be available alongside the currently available grey, dark grey and white themes.

Office 16 Help

The site also mentioned a few more features for the new version, the first of which is a new helper tool in the desktop version of the Office Online apps. This will be called Tell Me and will sit at the top of documents and allow users to get help much like what the old Clippy offered, but without the animated character.

Also according to the leaks, the software will also add a new automatic rotation feature that will pull metadata from cameras in order to correctly position images.

As of yet however none of this is official.

Source: The Verge

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