We have known for some time now that Microsoft will be releasing their Office productivity suite onto the iOS platform, but we didn’t know when.

Until today that is, as the application is now available from the App Store, after quietly launching earlier today.

The app will allow the user to view and edit files from PowerPoint, Excel and even Word from either the cloud (Skydrive), or from attachments in e-mails, these files can then be downloaded for editing offline, or simply created from scratch.

To run the app you need an iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 6.1, we suspect an iPad version will be launching soon, but no sign of it yet.

Alongside this you will also need to reside within the US, as well as having a subscription to Microsoft’s Office 365 service.

Check out the source link below for a quick look and to download the app for yourself.


[app 541164041]

Source:iTunes App Store

Via: EnGadget

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