This week another app finally added support for Apple’s latest MacBook feature, the Touch Bar.

This is the launch of a new version of the Microsoft Office application, which brings support for its new Touch Bar features to the public.

Previously it was available in a beta preview to those who had subscribed to it, however, as of today, anyone who is interested can use the Touch Bar-focused shortcuts on the Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook apps.

But it’s not just the addition of a few random buttons.

Word has less clutter on the screen for a cleaner interface, with the move of these buttons, and PowerPoint will also add a timer and a layout of their presentation for better tracking when showing it to others.

ExCel adds various key functions and cell formatting features and Outlook will allow you to view attachments from emails with a single tap of the Touch Bar, look up calendar appointments, and join in Skype meetings.

This comes after a few other apps were launched with Touch Bar support, which doesn’t include a huge range of apps but does include apps like Spotify and Photoshop.

We would still like to see the introduction of Touch Bar functionality in a few more apps, including Chrome, particularly Chrome.

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