Microsoft has today posted its Q3 2015 earnings report, revealing its sales for Surface, Lumia and cloud on the up, which Xbox and Windows are on the down.

In total the company revealed $4.98 billion in net income for the fiscal quarter, which is down by 12 per cent from the year-ago-quarter, whilst they also revealed they made $21.7 billion in revenue which is a 6 per cent increase since the year-ago-quarter.

To break it down Microsoft also revealed their sales for separate devices.

The Surface related revenue increased by 44 per cent year-over-year (no exact number yet), with 8.6 million Lumia devices sold during the quarter, an 18 per cent increase since the year-ago quarter.

Windows Phone revenue fell by 16 per cent since the year-ago-quarter.

Microsoft also revealed that their Xbox platform revenue dropped by 24 per cent year-over-year but did not release exact numbers.

Windows also dropped by 22 per cent this quarter, with Office consumer revenues down 41 per cent, but Office 365 subscriptions up by 12.4 million.

Their commercial cloud revenue also rose a massive 106 per cent increase.

We should also note that Microsoft said its financial results include $190 million of “integration and restructuring expenses” from the Nokia phone business deal.

We should hear more of the details that we are missing during Microsoft’s conference call which is scheduled for 2:30 PM PST.

Source: Microsoft

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