Earlier this week Activision released Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It has had a mixed reception so far, but even worse news for Activision is that some players can’t even find players to play against.

This is because those who purchased the game on PC were actually split into two separate groups, those who purchased it on the Steam store, and those who purchased it on the Windows Store.

Those who purchased it on the Windows Store quickly found that matching up with players was harder than one expected, they could only play with other gamers who had also purchased the game on the Windows Store, and because not many people actually do that, there was no one to play against, and given that there aren’t many people who play Call of Duty on the PC anyway, this became a huge problem.

This has left a lot of Windows Store gamers annoyed and they decided to reach out to Microsoft to get refunds.

Thankfully Microsoft has been responding in kind, deciding to provide those players who purchased the game on the Windows Store with a full refund of the game.

Great news from Microsoft, sad news for Call of Duty.

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