According to Polygon, Microsoft announced at a press event last week that it will be releasing a white version of the Xbox One to the public, previously held for just the developers who where involved on the build of the Xbox One, the new public version is said to be bundled with Insomniac Games’ open-world title, Sunset Overdrive.

The gaming site also revealed that this bundle will be released on October 28th, despite Microsoft not confirming any pricing or release dates for the bundle.

This could however be true, as Microsoft’s Larry Herb was quoted at the time of the Xbox One’s release that the employee-only version may become available “waaaay in the future”.

xbox one madden 15 bundle

In there post, Polygon also revealed that Microsoft will be launching another bundle for this Xbox One, this time including EA’s Madden NFL 15 game, which is said to be available on August 26th. This has since been confirmed by Microsoft, who revealed that the bundle will be available for $399 at launch, and will include a standard black console without the Kinect, and a download code for Madden NFL 15, along with three Madden NFL Ultimate Team Pro packs.

Source: Microsoft
Via: Polygon

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