Today Xbox updated there controllers to be a bit more shiny, at the cost of $54.99 which is about £35 here in the UK, the metallic controllers will be available in three different colours including blue, red and silver with Microsoft’s transforming D-pad.

Personally I don’t like them but some people might think differently, my main issue with them will of course be how they would look after an intense battle on CoD with grubby fingerprints all over them,  so far these have only been officially announced in the US with GameStop selling the blue variant exclusively, sometime in mid-may.

But according to Xbox’s Facebook the controllers will be “Coming soon to Europe!”.

[tabs style=”boxed” title=”Xbox 360 Chrome Controllers”] [tab title=”Blue”][/tab] [tab title=”Silver”][/tab] [tab title=”Red”][/tab] [/tabs]


Will you be buying one of these controllers?

Via [Facebook]

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