Microsoft hasn’t had much luck with the sales of the Xbox One since its original launch last year, being outsold by Sony’s PlayStation 4 consecutively.

Whilst this may be due to gamers simply preferring the PlayStaton 4 to the Xbox One, it is also possible that a lot of gamers are simply still using the Xbox 360 console, which could mean the sales of the Xbox One console may soon pick up.

However, up to now Sony is still outselling the Xbox One, announcing that they had sold 30 million PlayStation 4 consoles back in November of last year.

Today it seems Microsoft might be catching Sony up slowly, and according to VGChartz, Microsoft sold a total of 107,863 consoles in the week of March 13th, which they say means that they have finally broken 20 million sold consoles, with a total of 20,067,310 consoles sold according to the site.

That all said Microsoft has yet to confirm any of this and they still have quite the way to go.

Source: VGChartz

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