Yesterday Sony announced that they had sold seven million PS4s since it had launched, and today Microsoft has their own announcement that they think might combat that, revealing that they have shipped a total of five million Xbox Ones to retailers around the world, something which the company says represents a 60% growth on the sales performance of the Xbox 360 in a comparative period.

Now you might think that looks good, well if you take it at face value however. With only two million below that of the PS4s numbers, it should show that the Xbox One is selling well, however it doesn’t.

The reason it doesn’t is because of one word that some of you might have missed two paragraphs ago, and that is the word “shipped”, Microsoft has only revealed that they have shipped five million Xbox Ones so far, not sold five million Xbox Ones so far.

So basically this means we still have no actual idea of how many they have actually sold, it’s all well and good shipping five million of a product, but it really comes down to how many of those are still sitting in the back of stores or in warehouses.

To sweeten the deal a little more, Microsoft also announced that gamers spend an average of five hours a day on the Xbox One, with more than a billion hours spent on games and apps since the machine’s release in November of last year.

Source: Xbox

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