During their Build 2015 conference Microsoft shown off the HoloLens once more, releasing a video this week that shows off the new virtual handset in more detail.

Being completely wireless, HoloLens allows users to view an overlay of a virtual word in holograms around the room where they are, it features a built-in display, in-built batteries and both onboard audio and 3D processing.

And whilst you are wearing it you are able to control your environment from anywhere, dragging the screen to make it smaller or larger, and even have a screen follow you around.

And that’s not the end, as Microsoft is also launching a developer platform that will allow developers to create more or less anything they can think of for the device.

Microsoft gave an example of what can be done by adding an augmented reality body and face to a real world robot.


Check out the video below for a quick look.

Microsoft has yet to reveal a release date or any information on HoloLens, but we should find out more about that soon.

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