Earlier today Microsoft shut-down Windows XP, alongside the release of their latest Windows 8.1 OS. This is something that you as a consumer might not care about, however some companies may have to, with 85% of NHS computers still using the OS, alongside 95% of the world’s cash machines, which could force major banks to pay for additional support, or get hacked.

To stop any possible security holes from being used by hackers, the UK government has paid Microsoft £5.5 million to continue providing regular support for public sector machines in the UK.

Those who don’t reside in the public sector are a bit stuck however.

So ultimately as a consumer you should be sort of worried, however it’s unlikely that it will ever effect you in terms of your bank account being hacked.

However we would advise that you upgrade to at least Windows 7 anyway, making sure you continue to receive support for Microsoft.

To find out more, head over to windows.microsoft.com.

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