If you have one of the new Xbox 350 S consoles you will know that it’s glossy finish is probably the best feature of the console, alongside the cool noises of course, according to Larry Hryb the Xbox Live head of programming, Xbox are in the process of “actively transitioning” to the new finish.

In Hyrb’s personal blog he stated that Xbox is soon to swap all Xbox 360 S models for the matte finish instead of the current glossy finish, and that despite the rumors gamers will not be able to choose between the two,  Larry Hryb’s said:

“We are actively transitioning all our Xbox 360 S consoles to a matte finish,” adding “The consoles will start to arrive in stores over the coming weeks, so if you really love the idea of a glossy console don’t wait much longer.”

The glossy black finish has been criticised by many for showing up smudges a fingerprints, but I think this might be a you don’t know what you got on until its gone moment, personally, I really like the glossy finish and one of the main reasons I paid a bit extra for my console, I have seen the matte finish consoles and it is truly horrible, check out the difference in the picture above.

Hyrb finished by saying:

“Of course, we still may offer a gloss finish on Limited Edition consoles like the upcoming Gears of War 3 console, but if you have your eye on a glossy black console you don’t have much time left.”

What do you think? Do you prefer the matte or glossy version of the Xbox? Are you running out now to get a glossy Xbox?

Drop us a line or two in the comments below.

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