Just last month Microsoft amazed the world with the announcement of their new All-in-One desktop PC, the Surface Studio.

This AIO features a lot of cool tech, with a huge 28-inch 13.5 million pixel screen that takes advantage of a push-down design that instantly transforms it into a cool tablet-esk device.

It also comes with an Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB of memory and more.

This week some reviews were released for this new Surface Studio device, letting you know just how good this device is, or isn’t and how it lives up to the hype.

Check out our roundup of these reviews below.

The Verge

The fact that Microsoft is even being considered an alternative to Apple’s line of machines for creatives is not something anyone, not even Microsoft, was expecting for the Surface devices. The Surface Studio won’t take over Mac-focused design houses just yet, but that it’s even a possibility is remarkable. The Studio is special because it knows exactly what it is and who it’s for — and it’s largely spot on. If Microsoft keeps developing its strengths here, some of Apple’s most loyal customers might well be tempted to switch camps.


Microsoft’s ambitious love letter to creative professionals is the touchscreen iMac of your dreams — albeit crazy expensive and running Windows.

Digital Trends

It’s tempting to see the Surface Studio as a fancy all-in-one, and to use that as justification to buy it. You could, and I’m sure you’d be happy. But this PC has a laser-like focus on creative professionals, and their needs. If your work or passion falls outside that realm, you’ll be better served elsewhere, and probably for less.

For its target audience, though, the Studio is a revolution. No major PC manufacturer has ever focused on the needs of creative professionals with the dedication Microsoft displays with the Studio. Until now, these users have made do with expensive add-on displays that, while certainly effective, lack any sense of elegance.

We will be posting more reviews here as they are released so that you can get all the opinions in one place.

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