After seeing the Surface in action a couple of days ago I’ve gotta say I’m excited to see it hit stores, but a lot of people may not save my excitement waiting for the price to be released before making a decision. Well if your one of those people you may not have to wait longer as a source close to The Next Web recently leaked a new pricing structure for the Windows-based tablet.

According to the source the Tegra 3 powered RT model will set you back $599 (£380) or $999 for the Windows 8 Pro model (£640), which I don’t think is actually that bad as when you come to think of it the RT model is the tablet and targets tablets on the market with ARM processors, so when thinking about it like that the price is actually quite good especially since the new iPad anywhere from £399, looking at that however may put the Windows 8 Pro model in a bad light as it is pricing nearly £300 more expensive than the iPad, but that model should not be considered as a tablet and in fact like am Ultrabook, so continuing with comparing the device to Apple products (as they are Microsoft’s main competitor), the Macbook Air 11 inch with the same sort of specs as the Windows 8 model starts at £849 making it just over £200 more expensive than the Windows 8 Surface.

The one thing I must note is that the Windows RT model shouldn’t really be compared to a Retina display iPad anyway as any screen lover will always keep coming back to its quality, but if you prefer the Windows feel and the 1366 x 768 resolution that the RT is a great option, but I have to say the Windows 8 Pro model is the better one, and the one I am defiantly thinking about picking up.

Via [The Next Web]

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