Alongside the announcement of the 4K capable console, the Xbox One Slim, Microsoft also announced their next major console, which they have codenamed Project Scorpio.

This console is capable of playing 4K-native games, without scaling thanks to its massive six teraflops of power.

All of the models will be able to play the same library of games, includingScorpio, the original Xbox One and the Xbox One S, but the Scorpio will have a ton more power, allowing to run games at maximum resolution the whole time without reducing fps on Scorpio according to Phil Spencer.

It will also be compatible with VR, however, they have not yet revealed details about that.

Microsoft say that they don’t even know what Project Scorpio will look like yet, as they are revealing the console so early, but they wanted to make sure that the customer had enough information to make a good decision on their next console.

Microsoft has not yet revealed a release date for Project Scorpio, but they expect that it will launch sometime next fall.



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