According to rumours, Microsoft is designing their own smart home controller to take on the likes of Amazon Echo and Apple HomeKit.

This is with a new piece of software called HomeHub.

HomeHub is a central control hub for the smart home according to the reports, allowing families, in particular, to manage the smart home device around their home, as well as manage the family around them with access to various apps, calendars and a welcome screen that will all make managing the home easier, or so Microsoft hopes.

This new feature will work via a Windows 10 PC and will have support for a range of already existing home technologies, such as Philips Hue.

But the most interesting feature of HomeHub is probably that new welcome screen, which is basically an always-on digital corkboard that can be used to show the day’s tasks, events, and more, all working alongside Microsoft’s own personal assistant, Cortana.

The report from The Verge also stated that these features will be coming alongside a Windows 10 update in September, however, the smart home functionality won’t come till later on.

Alongside that, a number of PCs are said to be unveiled that have been designed specifically for HomeHub use.

We will update you as we hear more.

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