During their event today, Microsoft unveiled a number of new features that would be coming to Windows 10.

One of these updates was particularly interesting because it reveals what Microsoft will be doing with their recent acquisition of Beam.

In their announcement, they revealed that they will be building Beam right into the Xbox app on Windows 10.

With this, they will be offering all Windows users to stream their games right from the Xbox app, which will now include a number of Beam’s features, allowing viewers to suggest the direction of the steam, right from their viewing window, which they can do from an Xbox or from a Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft will also be building their new community features into the Xbox app on Windows 10, with the integration of tournaments, allowing gamers to set up their own tournament with their friends for particular games.

These new features will be available with the Windows 10 Creators Update when it is released in early 2017.

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