Microsoft have also been known for their keyboard and mouse creations, forever coming up with new shapes and designs to provide better comfort for the end-user.

Their new Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard set is the latest example of this, featuring a U-shaped layout, the keyboard has been designed to keep your wrists in a more natural position, featuring a cushioned palm rest and separate number pad, the kit also packs a new Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse that also features a sloped design with a tilting scroll wheel and a Start screen shortcut button.

Available both in a stand-alone version and as part of a kit, the set will be priced at $60 and $130 respectively in the US, shipping later this month.


Alongside the Ergonomic set, Microsoft also revealed its new Sculpt Comfort Keyboard and Sculpt Comfort Mouse, to be sold in a kit, the desktop set features a more conventional design, with a number pad attached, the keyboard will be coupled with a mouse designed for Windows 8.

The Comfort Desktop set will be available this month for $80 in the US>

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