As we wrote in our expectations yesterday, Microsoft unveiled a new version of Windows 10 during their education-focused event in New York City today.

Called Windows 10 S, it has been designed to be a competitor to Google’s Chrome OS operating system with a focus on security & performance.

During the event, they described it as a version of Windows that has been designed for use with low-end hardware, and in particular, it has been created for Microsoft’s increased push into the education market.

They also noted that “everything that runs on Windows 10 S is downloaded from the Windows Store,” which is another one of the expectations that we noted yesterday and means that the system won’t be able to run apps from anywhere other than the Windows Store, however, it will run desktop apps fine, as long as their developers have listed them on that store.

However, that may be a pretty big requirement for developers who may not want to list their applications with Microsoft, particularly when they compete directly with that store.

But it hasn’t been designed for running everything anyway.

It has been designed to take on Chrome OS with fast loading times and an easy to use interface. One way that Microsoft showed this off was a demo of the login process that takes just 15 seconds to get started, according to Microsoft that’s much faster than Windows 10 Pro. And it can run office 365, obviously.

From launch, users of the Windows 10 S system will be able to access a number of free apps for education purposes, including Office 365.

They will also get a free 1-year subscription to Minecraft on top.

We don’t yet know about the availability of the new operating system outside of education, however, they did say that there will be a number of hardware partners who will launch machines with the new OS, with prices starting at $189 in the US.

They also said that users of Windows 10 Pro will be able to move their machines to Windows 10 S if they prefer.


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