Microsoft has just announced the Xbox One at their live event today, with a new Kinect, controller an entirely new design for both the controller and the console itself.

It will be cloud powered, and Xbox are calling it an all-in-one system.

The Xbox will be always connected, allowing you to turn it on with the motto “Xbox On” recognising your profile by your voice.

There’s also a brand new interface that kinda looks like Windows 8, with separated dashboard, allowing you to browse through the home, trending, games, movies, apps etc.

The Xbox One will allow you to perform certain features with various commands, allowing you to easily switch between TV, Games and TV really fast, its actually quite amazing, Microsoft say its as fast as switching channels on a remote.

There’s also new grab and zoom in and out of the dashboard, there’s also a new snap mode, that will allow you to run multiple programs next to each other, again a lot like Windows 8, this can be controlled with the mobile phone.

Skype will also be included, allowing you to perform group video calls from your TV, in full HD using the included Kinect.


This can all be controlled with Kinect voice commands, with the TV you can watch a program, and find extra information right next to it, showing highlights and other stats.

There’s also a TV guide, all switchable between channels with voice commands, allowing you to speak the channel you want to watch or just switch to the guide.

There’s also a favorites area within he guide, showing your favorite content, as well as tending showing what other people are watching, and finally there’s a section for video on demand.

In terms of specs, the Xbox One will include an 8 core CPU, 5 billion transistors, 8GB RAM, USB 3.0, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi Direct, Blu-Ray Drive, HDMI out port and a 500GB HDD.

xbox one 3

The Xbox One, will include operating systems from both Xbox and Windows, allowing for quick switching.

Alongside the Xbox One, there will be a new Kinect, engineered for better accuracy.

The controller as an integrated battery pack, with a new ergonomic design, but will still include the same off-set analog sticks, the A, B, X and Y face buttons, a directional pad, and the Start and Back keys.

There’s also a new Xbox Live, it will have the same memberships, but with 300 thousand new servers, this will mean cloud access will be fast from anywhere in the world, there’s also new editing software, with new achievements that will show how you will play not what you have done within the game.

They have also updated the matchmaking for better and bigger LIVE games.

The Xbox One will launch around the world later this year, with more news coming at E3.

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