Microsoft has today released some updates to their virtual assistant, Cortana.

With the update, the Cortana app on iOS and Android received a new design to allow it to be quicker and easier to complete tasks with.

The redesign changes a lot about the app, removing the previous black and white design for a new and more colourful design.

It also brings access to a number of “quick actions”, which as their name suggests, allow you to conduct various actions in haste, such as viewing what your day is like, viewing or setting reminders, checking your meetings, and reading the news.

Alongside the update, Microsoft also released the Cortana app in the UK, a year after the Cortana app first launched for iOS and Android.

From the app, you can set reminders, search the web, track flights, and search other things just like the Cortana service on Windows.

The updated version of Cortana will be rolled out to iOS and Android over the next few weeks, but before then you can check out the video below for a quick preview.

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