Microsoft has today released a new update for the Microsoft Band 2 that will fix some of the biggest issues with the wearable.

Called version 2.0, the new update finally brings some changes to the devices battery life with a new GPS Power Saver Mode, which allows you yo extend tracking time by up to four hours according to Micrsoft.

It does this by cutting the grabbing of your GPS location to intervals rather than monitoring your movements continuously.

It will work best with activities like running or bike riding.

But that’s not all, Microsoft also updated the Health app with a new weight-tracking tool.

This new tool allows you to track how much you have lost and get an approximate BMI reading of it, to do so you need to enter your weight on a regular basis, and once this is done you can view progress for 1-month, 3-months and overall basis’.

The Microsoft Band 2 update and the Health app update are rolling out now.

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