This week Microsoft released a new update for their Xbox One games console, bringing a great feature that many Xbox One gamers should appreciate.

Particularly the update is set to increase download speeds on the consoles majorly, with a reported increase of by up to 80 percent if your internet connection is faster than 100Mbps, or if you have a connection that is slower than that then Microsoft say that it should boost download speeds by up to 40 percent, which is pretty darn good, especially when more games are getting downloads frequently.

Microsoft has said that the increase that you get will depend on your setup, depending on your home configuration and your ISP.

Microsoft also said that you should be sure not to play a game whilst downloading content as download speeds will be reduced, due to the fact that the Xbox One prioritises gaming over any other background activity.

The update will also optimise background downloads to allow the console to withstand intermittent connection issues, and it also comes with some new firmware for the Xbox One controller, along with a number of other fixes for background music and more.

To get the update, head to Settings on the console and select Console info & updates from the System menu, if you have automatic downloads on then you might already have it.

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