This week Microsoft revealed some exciting news for anyone who has had their eyes on a taken Gamertag, revealing that they will be releasing a selection of those Xbox Live tags to the public tomorrow (May 18th).

The reason there is so many is because Microsoft never migrated Gamertags to the Xbox 360, and so the original Xbox Live Gamertags were simply left behind.

Sadly Microsoft has not revealed a list of Gamertags that it will be releasing, so if you have your eyes on one then you will have to check manually.

Microsoft explained with the following:

Starting on Wednesday, May 18th @2:00pm ET / 11:00AM PT, we will begin releasing nearly one million Gamertags to our valued Xbox Live Gold members with active subscriptions and at least 1 year of cumulative Xbox Live Gold tenure. These Gamertags will be released over a 24-hour period, to give our fans in various countries an equal chance to get one.

While it may be challenging to find the exact Gamertag you want, keep trying, as there are many great Gamertags that will be released. Although we can’t share the actual list, we can tell you that many of the available Gamertags are in the following categories:

– Proper Names
– Pop culture references (Entertainment, sports, gaming)
– Types of Food
– Geography and Travel
– Science and Technology
– Math and Numbers
– Animals
– Some of the greatest inventions of all time

Access to these newly-released Gamertags will be available on, which is the most convenient way to make a Gamertag change. Xbox Live Gold members can also access these Gamertags within the Xbox App on Windows 10 and on the Xbox One console. Xbox 360 owners will need to use, the Xbox App on Windows 10, or an Xbox One console to participate given that access to these newly-released Gamertags is not available from an Xbox 360 console. Click here to change your Gamertag on the web.

To determine the tenure of your Xbox Live Gold account, view your Profile on an Xbox One console or on the Xbox App on Windows 10. Changing your Gamertag won’t impact your Gamerscore, Achievements, or your Friends list.

Source: Microsoft

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