After a couple of reports from the guys over at Eurogamer and Digital Foundry, Microsoft has officially revealed their own news.

They will be officially unveiling the final version of the next Xbox console at E3 2017 this June.

This was confirmed with the release of a press invite (pictured above) that states that they will be hosting their E3 2017 briefing on June 11th, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. PDT.

Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox also wrote the following on Xbox Wire:

“I’m proud of the progress made with Project Scorpio and what it will mean for the creators who fuel the passion of gamers around the world.”

“We’re excited to unveil Project Scorpio and the amazing game experiences it powers at E3 this June.”

Despite us not knowing what this console looks like, we already know that Project Scorpio will have a 30 percent faster CPU than the Xbox One, as well as a GPU that is 4.6 times faster, faster hard drive speeds, better RAM, and 4K gaming.

Of course, we will update you with more as we hear it.

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