By now you should have heard of Apple’s rigorous approval method for any app that is submitted to the app store, but sometimes, somehow apps tend to slip the cracks, the most recent of which named ‘Microsoft Word 2012’ looks from its photos as a real office app allowing you to actually type out documents, but it doesn’t.

The name alone will make some hefty downloaders to hit that ‘Buy Now’ button without even checking the description, but you must not as the app is as you can guess a complete knockoff, only providing a guide on how to use word and that isn’t any good, but the worst thing is it costs £6.99.

So please don’t be fooled by the trickery set in place by this developer, if you have already downloaded the app by accident make sure to contact Apple directly to see if you can get a refund, you can do so by loading iTunes up on your computer, going to your account, click on your purchase history and click report a problem, also don’t forget to give it a bad review, as it don’t seem to have any yet, weirdly.

Update: We just found out that upon clicking the App Support button it takes you to the site which is also a complete knockoff, bringing you to one of those text ad parked domain pages, proving the developers intent for this application, that is if it wasn’t already proven.

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