Recently Microsoft has been in two different disputes which they have just won, the disputes were over a number of Xbox domain names once owned by a Chinese resident named “Cheng Juan”.

The domain names include,, and, now you may have noticed that a couple of those domain names include Xbox8 which a lot of people are guessing will be the name of the next Xbox console.

Many expected that the next console would be called the Xbox 720, because of the obvious degree increase from 360, but after these domain registrations came through a lot of people are now thinking the console will be named Xbox 8 and would include some features of Windows 8 further expanding there current Windows 8 eco-system.

Myself, I’m not so sure. I mean just say the word ‘Xbox 8’ aloud and you’ll get what I mean, alongside that on a marketing point of view the downgrade from 360 to 8 will make a lot of people think the new console isn’t as good as the older one, which has been seen with Apple’s ‘The New iPad’ label on their next-gen iPad.

What do you think about this?

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