Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia was expected to have been completed already, however due to the “regulatory process for approval” going on longer than it was supposed to, the acquisition has today been delayed.

Microsoft has already received approval for the purchase of Nokia’s Devices and Services business from 15 markets on five continents, but requires a few more for the deal to be completed.

Brad Smith, the company’s legal general counsel and executive vice president, has said that they are working on securing the final approvals, expecting to close the deal at some point in April.

“The completion of this acquisition will mark the first step to bring Microsoft and the Nokia Devices and Services business together, we remain as excited as ever to welcome the Nokia Devices and Services business officially as part of the Microsoft family.”

After the deal, former CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop will be taking the role of head of Microsoft’s Devices and Services devision, as well as being in charge of Xbox.

Source: Microsoft Blog

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