In terms of advertising Microsoft has been fighting a losing battle more or less from the start, forced to come up with campaigns that attack the Mac on minor issues, it seems as though Microsoft might need a new advertising agent, especially after this last ad.

Called “Honesty”, Microsoft’s latest ad says that customers shouldn’t buy a Mac because they don’t have touch screens, and instead buy a PC because they do, a reasoning that I’m still trying really hard to figure out.

Okay a touchscreen is great on a PC, but are they really needed when everyone has a tablet? In my opinion they aren’t, however according to Microsoft’s ad, users don’t want to pass around a tiny tablet and instead use an all-in-one with a massive 20 inch touchscreen.

Very bazar indeed.

Watch the ad for yourself below and let me know if you agree with that I said, would you prefer to use a 20-inch touchscreen over a computer / laptop / tablet?

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