Today Microsoft unveiled a brand new version of their PC adapter that allows you to use your Xbox One controller with your PC and game on a PC like you’re actually on a console.

While that might not be the aim of the PC Master Race, a controller is much better than a mouse or keyboard to some people and with some games, a controller just works much better. Sadly, the previous version of this adapter was pretty big.

The new version makes up for that with a design that claims to be a third of the size of the previous wireless dongle, while working in exactly the same way, allowing you to connect your Xbox One controller to your Windows 10 PC, laptop or tablet.

And all of this is completely plug play.

It will also allow you to not only connect one Xbox One controller but up to eight at the same time, wirelessly.

The new Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows will be released on August 8th at some point in 2018 for probably for $24.99.

You can pre-order it from today and find out more about that at the source link below.

[We have updated this article to reflect the report (from WindowsCentral) that Microsoft has delayed the launch of this adapter until 2018, we don’t yet know why]

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