Microsoft has debuted a new keyboard designed for Windows 8 that comes packed with a split backspace and spacebar key, which has been designed for better productivity and comfort, the Sculpt Comfort Keyboard is an ergonomic keyboard which as mentioned before, features a split sidebar with the option to make the left-hand side of the sidebar a backspace key.

The reason for the change of sidebars, was after Microsoft’s research that revealed that 90 percent of typists only use their right thumb to press the sidebar, which leaves a lot of space unused, alongside which they also found that the backspace key is the third most pressed key on a keyboard, behind the spacebar and the letter “E”.

In order to do this, they increased the width of the sidebar to make it easier to use the key, and then split it into two parts. This allows for advanced ergonomics for unique design features and increased typing efficiency, there’s also a Contour Curve design, with a six-degree bend in the keyboard layout and a dome-shaped arc for a more comfortable, natural wrist position.

The Sculpt Comfort Keyboard also includes several keys that provide access to common Windows 8 features such as Search, Share, Device and Settings hot keys, thee keyboard also has wireless USB connectivity.

The Sculpt Comfort Keyboard will be available soon at the online Microsoft Store and other participating retailers for around $59.95.

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