Windows 8 will launch on October 26th but already details are emerging that the next OS will be codenamed “Blue”.

ZDNet reports that the next operating system for the PC will come with the codename “Blue, instead of the obvious “Windows 9” brand, the news comes from sources to the blog who claim the update will be coming next year.

Which makes us wonder if Microsoft would start releasing yearly operating systems, much like Apple or would they just release this as a service pack.

Which actually makes sense as Microsoft have already set the upgrade price to $39.99 for previous Windows 7 users or testers, which shows that Microsoft may be leaning more towards Apple’s cheap and regular OS updates.

The next operating system, be it Blue or Windows 8 is rumored to be released sometime in summer 2013 and will likely have the same pricing structure as Windows 7.

Via [ZDNet]

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