Looking around at some awesome tech start-ups this morning lead me to one very awesome smart milk container, the awesome part is in the word smart as it will actually tell you when your milk is going bad and when it’s time to buy some more, alongside that there’s also an app which tells you how much milk you have left and how long it will last for.

Made from a contest held by Quirky and GE last month the Milkmaid is made up from a thick glass container which stores the milk, that sits on a smart base plate which contains all of the gadget stuff to allow the Milkmaid to give you data on your milk.

This all works through some pH and temperature sensors in the smart base part of the Milkmiad, which will take readings throughout the day and relay that information in a form you can see, which comes in two ways, the first is the set of LED lights on the front which will change from green to orange according to how bad your milks getting, and the second way is through the app we mentioned earlier.

The app itself connects wirelessly to the Milkmaid and will show you on-demand stats about your milk, including temperature, expiration date and how much is left for you to drink, alongside that the app will also provide you with recipes for regular and spoiled milk and can even re-order your milk from the store when you run out.

Let us know what you think about the Milkmaid below, would you buy one? Also don’t forget to check out the video below, as well as the Quirky website for more information.

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