Transport for London have today announced that after just four months of accepting it, one journeys bus journeys have been paid for using Contactless payments, with up to 10,000 people using the service each day and with over 1,000 cards are being registered each week, the service has become extremely popular, however they did mention that the Oyster card still remains the preferred choice of payment.

The reason for which is probably due to the lack of banks actually providing customers with the service so far, with Contactless cards only being rolled out to the select few.

Although banks are still rolling out their NFC-enabled cards to a majority of customers, the rise in the number of new Visa, Mastercard or American Express contactless payments received by the London bus network is significant. Over 1,000 new cards are being registered on the buses every week.

Sandra Alzetta, the senior Vice President at Visa Europe said the following in her statement about the services success:

“Today’s milestone is further validation that contactless payment is a convenience consumers really appreciate, we’re seeing a corresponding growth in the use of contactless cards across the UK; £33 million was spent on Visa contactless cards in February, and the number of transactions has grown by 25 per cent in the last quarter to reach 4.5 million every month.”

Alongside which, Visa have also Made up this neat info graphic fact sheet, to provide a few more details on the services success.


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