It has today been announced that the British town of Milton Keynes will be getting a fleet of 20 driverless cars by 2015, as announced by the UK business secretary, Vince Cable, the cars will be in the form of a pod that can carry up to two people and will be designed to travel along special pathways.

The cars will have a top speed of 12MPH, and the whole project will cost £1.5 million in total, with 100 more cars to be added by 2017.

There’s no specifics on specifications, but it has been announced that the cars will share pathways with pedestrians, using sensors in order to avoid collisions, and will be bookable via a smartphone app. Once inside the passenger will have access to an on-board screen that has access to the internet, music and other entertainment.

The Guardian states that the first route for these cars will be between the railway station and the shopping center in Milton Keynes, a journey which normally takes 20 minutes on foot. The journey has been estimated to cost around £2, but this is subject to a study over the next year.

The UK government has yet to reveal the specifications for the vehicles, but a mock-up video shows that passengers will be able to book them with a smartphone app, and that the pods themselves will be equipped with a screen that allows access to the internet, music, and other entertainment. The Guardian reports that the first route scheduled for the driverless cars will be between the town’s railway station and a shopping center 20 minutes away on foot. A journey will likely cost around £2 ($3.20), but that figure will be subject to a study next year.

Vince Cable also announced that the UK will be granting a £75 million fund for low-carbon engines, which will allow new cars to be powered by more eco-freindly engines by 2050.

For a quick look at the plans for the driverless pods, check out the video below.

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Source: The Guardian

Via: The Verge

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