Some new headphones were launched on Kickstarter this week, they are a set of EEG headphones that have been named Mindset.

Mindset has been designed to provide its users with a new way to help improve their concentration, which it does by tracking your focus throughout the day and then alerting you should/when your concentration drops.

It does this by using the same technology that is often used to treat ADHD, improve creativity in Olympic figure skaters, and train NASA astronauts, using a set of EEG sensors to measure your concentration level in real time.

To top that off, they are also a proper pair of headphones, using technology from Onkyo, they feature Bluetooth technology to allow you to listen to music wirelessly, or via an AUX cable if you prefer a wired feel.

And they also feature active noise cancellation.

Check out the video below to take a quick look at the headphones and be sure to hit up the source link just below that video to find out more and to back the campaign if you are interested.

Source: Kickstarter

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