During last years E3 it was announced that Minecraft will soon be coming to the Xbox 360, with very little details revealed just yet. But during an interview with Hookshot Inc, Roger Carpenter the producer for the new game revealed a few details included in the Arcade game.

One of the biggest was multiplayer, where he explained that you will only be able to to play with friends on your playlist, with gameplay able to be split in many ways:

“The game will support four-player local splitscreen and eight players over Xbox Live, and you can mix and match the splitscreen and online modes. Also, you can only play with people on your Friends List, so there’s no griefing from strangers.”

After which he also explained that there could be the addition of skins in the future, but mods will not be available due to the closed nature of the platform, After which he talked about textures, skins and characters explained that they are “definitely something that Mojang, 4J Studios (the developer handling the conversion) and Microsoft are looking at…”

Nearing the end of the interview he finished explained Kinect funtionality, added that when the game was first revealed it was said that Kinect would be optional for gamers, but Carpenter explained why this is not the case:

“It won’t be for launch. We took on quite a task bringing this game to Xbox 360, and we didn’t want to break Minecraft. But it’s not off the menu.”

As of yet there is no information on pricing or a release date for the game, but as usual we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime check out the screenshots below:

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