After announcing Minecraft in Education yesterday, Mojang has today revealed some new sales numbers for the PC version of Minecraft.

This was announced by Mojang’s Daniel Kaplan on his Twitter accounting, stating in his Tweet that the company has now sold over 20 million copies of Minecraft on the PC.

These numbers are only for the PC version of Minecraft, however we know from previous announcements that over 20 million copies of Minecraft have been sold for mobile devices, with over 12 million copies sold on consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation.

This news should make Microsoft pretty happy as they acquired the company some time ago for $2.5 million.

Mojang also announced that a new patch will be hitting console versions of Minecraft tomorrow, providing new blocks and items and the ability to customise the verticality of new worlds.

There will also be a Minecon 2015 skin pack released for free to all console platforms tomorrow, but will only be available for 15 days.

Source: Minecraft

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