If you have been looking to pick up the Xbox One version of Minecraft, and had the version for the Xbox 360 you might be happy to hear that Mojang and Xbox have today confirmed that they will be allowing players to transfer game saves from the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft to the Xbox One version of Minecraft.

This is obviously great news given that Mojang sold over 12 million copies on the Xbox 360, so there’s a high chance a lot of people might still want their maps.

Phil Spencer from Xbox says “After months of teaming up with Mojang, we can confirm that Minecraft [Xbox 360] Edition will save transfer to Xbox One Edition,”  however didn’t reveal too much more than that, only stating that their will be “more news soon”.

We do however know that the Xbox One version might release sometime before Q3, and the PS4/ Vita versions might launch in September 2014.

There’s also plans to provide similar features for Ps3 to PS4 game transfers.

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